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J. Cugliotta Landscape/Nursery, Inc. invites you to experience some of our living works of art.  As you view these images, try to image being there, surrounded by  colors, breathing in the fragrance of those beautiful flowers.  Wander down the stone paths and stand underneath a cool arbor.  As you gaze over these rich lawns and terraces, remember your favorites to incorporate them into your own ideas for your perfect landscape.

Beautiful landscapes are creative expressions, professionally designed and crafted to enhance the beauty of nature.  Creating a landscape is like an artist painting a picture, except the landscape designer works directly with the canvas, sculpting the earth itself.  Flowers, trees, bushes and stone can all be sampled from nature's palette as a landscape designer applies his talent and expertise. And the results, are truly works of art.

So, whether you're reworking an existing landscape or starting with a new home or office, our professional design staff, experienced craftsmen, and fully equipped crews are ready to make your dreams come true!